I’ve been dismissed from my job, and before start looking another one I came to my hometown (Denia) to spend two weeks of holidays. I’ve been missing this, my family and friends, I didn’t see them since May last year.

M’han despedit del treball i abans de posar-me a buscar un altre he vingut a passar dos semanes de vacances a Dénia, la meua casa. Ho he trobat molt a faltar, la familia i els amics, no els veia desde maig de l’any passat.


IMG_0961 IMG_1005 IMG_1001 IMG_0986 IMG_0968

1.Mum and dad.
2.Isaac, my brother.
3.The sculpture my brother Rubén made.
4.Little Lluna.
5 & 6. Putxero, my favorite dish! Made with veggies, meet, chicken, chickpeas, absolutely delicious!
7.Weather vane made by my dad.